Friday, January 15, 2010

It's Important People, Let's Get It Done Now

The Morning Joe Rebuttal for January 15th, 2010


1) Don’t leave work today without getting one of these two things done.

Yele Haiti
Wyclef Jean's grassroots org
Text Yele to 501501 to donate $5 via your cell phone

Or text "HAITI" to "90999" and a donation of $10 will be given automatically to the Red Cross to help with relief efforts, charged to your cell phone bill.

Get this done immediately in case you have to do it a second time in the next few days.

2) It felt like the streams got crossed on the proton generators today when Brown passed Coakley in the polls. What a disaster. I was waiting for a gloating moment from Joe Scarborough, and I never got it. I don’t think its lost on Republicans that being a default choice is no victory. Right now, and this theme was pressed on this show, we are all losers. Our only victory will be some organized relief result with Haiti, but we have no victory imminent in Massachusetts regardless of outcome. That is also the takeaway for the coming 2010 elections.

I felt like even today, the denial rampant in the Democratic party, evident in candidate Coakley, evident in our President is at a level unseen since “American Psycho”. Are you really just going to go through the motions with your entire health care bill at stake with this election? Where is Tim Kaine? How bad does the DNC and the President miss Chairman Dean? What would Mike Allen say? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

3) Who is that guy who came in dressed as Harold Ford Jr.? A guy came in and was referred to as the Tennessee congressman, but when he spoke, there was an edge that scared little children and when he looked at Willie Geist, the searing heat removed all hope that at some point Mr. Geist would grow facial hair.

That guy is about as electable as Charles Manson, and may want to assemble a focus group of babys and grandparents to work through his issues before he wastes anyone’s contributions. My problem specifically is that Mr. Ford appears Manchurian. Normally, New York embraces the best and the brightest from anywhere and has benefited from that openness with great leaders like Hillary Clinton and Mike Bloomberg. But I think in this case the voters will scrutinize any quick fix platforms or industry underwriting very closely and suspect the worst.

I really like Harold Ford and Barack Obama, but I have lost all patience for disorganization whether its message, management, or focus. This was the key point today and it’s even lost on the cast and guests of the Morning Joe show. What’s different between this year and 1994? This year and 1982? The internet, have you heard of it? Corporately controlled cable news with 5 unique heads, have you heard of it? We have mashed comprehensible bits of information into neutrons and the Diaspora of said information reaches even grandmothers and babys in mere minutes. Today in Texas, Mr. Ford’s words on Morning Joe will be rebroadcast ad nauseum by some swift boat level 527 PAC, and I assure you the results will not be kind. And worst of all, it was 100% preventable by Mr. Ford, if he had simply decided to play himself on TV today.

That’s all for today, see you Monday.

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