Thursday, October 7, 2010

NY Pro-Choice Ad And Marketing In The New World

The shock and dismay displayed on the faces of the cast of Morning Joe upon viewing the Pro-Choice for New York ad came off like theater at the same level as the casting call for hicks ad for West Virginia. The claim that any non economy or jobs related ad is missing the national point is a group of analysts showing their age.

Seth Godin has laid it out for you, and Malcom Gladwell has spent two books worth of time supporting him: modern advertising revolves around speaking to the different factions or tribes of your target market in a way that moves them.

Many of the people who would be targeted by the pro choice ad have jobs and money. They would be chief candidates for voter apathy on jobs and economic elections, but a reminder of the social Trojan Horse that rides along with Tea Party and Republican candidates gets them out of their safe haven to the voter booth.

Chris Hayes has accurately depicted the atmosphere in Washington DC is that of an island of full employment where people with money go out to dinner and live normal lives in blissful ignorance of the situation on the ground one mile off the I-15 freeway opposite the Las Vegas strip where one in four is unemployed and a new member of the poverty class, a former resident of the middle class.

The tribe of those who have not been affected by the economic downturn is not likely to vote unless something that actually affects them is brought into the equation. The Democrats do themselves a disservice by not bringing all subjects to the table in a way that moves the most people to vote.

The consensus at the Morning Joe show that the two parties run solely on the generic ballot and the single most important issue isn’t just misguided it’s also not how American politics functions, thus they are asking for voters to be duped. I wish I could believe this is just a senior moment, but I don’t, I think it was another Fox & Friends moment of palpable dishonesty on display.

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