Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dogs And Cats Living Together

The Morning Joe Rebuttal for February 25th, 2010


1) How can you watch Elizabeth Warren and not go out and start hoarding gold Krugerrands? I mean that’s a bleak outlook, the small signs are there that a big second financial struggle is upon us. The Norah O’Donnell question is the crux of it all, how has the financial industry been allowed to create a second precipice unchecked, and it’s an important point. That should be Mika asking that question. Currently the show needs to import someone to ask the connect the dots question. We have done nothing to prevent the next collapse and the second bubble is forming.

Buchanan brings up the Chinese divestment strategy on US bonds. Perriello quotes ‘the recession is already over for the rich in this country, but the rest of us are miserable without a sign of our recession ending’. But Warren, she has turned into the true canary in the coal mine. And she looks near as though her hope is eroding.

2) Anthony Wiener didn’t have to be in the room to still be kicking Republican ass. John Shadegg, the baby lifter, is on the show trying to not be a wholly owned subsidiary of the health insurance. He sounds like a salesman you would try and avoid. Like the guy that the second after you sign his deal, his demeanor changes to ‘you work for me now’. There you are, feeling like if you don’t talk at the speed of light and create cocktail talking points at a rate of 5 per second, Anthony Wiener wins, and he is not even in the room.

Yea, I know, it seems like I’m doing the denial, that Democrats are equally guilty of allowing special interest to poison the well, that the mandate is in both current bills, that unions are preventing some of the competition that would help the overall market. But the bottom line is that the Republicans sound great now, but were silent for their run. They will get their chance to put those three things into law only because the Democrats will have enacted the first blueprint to fix the system.

Your status quo is far more damaging than the compromises that are present to get that toughest first step completed. Don’t ever forget, the 16 years that the Republicans didn’t do a single thing to fix health care, and did something tragically grift-worthy with their prescription drug work, you were getting the lions share of the buy off from the benefiting lobbies. Your wholly owned subsidiary cashed checks that whole time. The only reason you’ve got all your good ideas out there now is that you’ve lost control of the spot light.

3) The jobs bill is a sad joke. Even today, MSNBC is running around touting the positive political gains of a win. What win? To win hollow victories really only cements the charge of mismanagement levied upon the White House. It’s time for the White House to turn MSNBC off, because they are entering an echo chamber that allows them to claim victory over meaningless gains. It’s like when Verizon is at the Lakers game and they draw a winner for a free cell phone. There are 20,000 people in the building when they do that. And 15,000 of them are smart enough to elicit a Bronx cheer when someone ‘wins’ a contract for $1400 of charged cell phone service by virtue of a ‘free’ phone.

It’s more important to circle back to Rep. Perriello. He is physically upset at the jobs bill. He is as upset at the jobs bill as Wiener is at Republican doublespeak and Democratic weakness. The common denominator? We need a youth movement that disallows placebo.

And as Morning Joe is the pre game show for the big summit, do you predict that it will feel anything like a youth movement at Blair House, or some really angry entrenched old guys who are locked into their many years of back room deals and can’t map a way forward?

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