Thursday, February 4, 2010

What If Anything Did The Kids Teach At School

The MJR Cliff notes for February 3rd, 2010

[not quite a rebuttals worth of stuff here despite a powerhouse lineup]

When Joe and Mika leave the keys to the car on the table and take off here's what happens:

1) Gays in the military openly

2) Canada’s financial system get’s imported

3) When they need a chair they take Barnicle’s instead of Geist’s

4) Rich white guys start applying at chicken factories

5) Mortgages require 20% down

6) Portugal's sovereign debt fails

7) David Wilson says Willie Geist is the 101st Grio

8) They let Joe Biden fly solo on TV

9) The microanalysis of the mortgage crisis is moved to 2nd homes in the Hamptons

10) And where an anchor normally channels Brokaw or Murrow, Geist has chosen Chase, Chevy Chase, as his anchor model and is likely working on a pratfall for his next show. Straight face? Naah.

This is the equivalent of the sky raining frogs folks, its useful in a Ferris Bueller way about once every 60 days, but more than that and you’ll find smoldering embers when you get home from your California junket.

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