Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Is The New Drinking Game Olympia Snowe?

The Morning Joe Rebuttal for March 17th, 2010


1) I was so happy all during the Blanche Lincoln appearance on Morning Joe that this person was getting primaried. She represents everything that is denial about declarations of moderation and bipartisanship. Her ad to her constituents in Arkansas was a ‘party of no' party line message complete with a hypocritical representation that she is somehow different than the children with balloon swords.

Look, what is the value of bipartisanship with your opponent being lockstep to delay, obstruct, and ultimately oppose any progress purely on political grounds. The only thing the Republicans are attempting to do is regain power. The only thing a new Republican party empowerment would achieve is a single focused mantra of retaining power and re-attaining the Rove permanent regime. This would be achieved by unfunded tax relief to the only people left with a tax burden – Wall Street bankers and commercial interests. This would be a government that would feature unfunded giveaways to anyone who would use the new law of the land of unlimited corporate election funding. This means the Republican party would be sponsored like Nike sponsors Tiger Woods despite any coincidental moral shortcomings.

And Blanche, oh Blanche, your every word is code. Code for status quo, code for Walmart. You are the living proof that Walmart wants it both ways, so no matter if a D or an R is in the chair, they own you. Walmart votes no on the bailout, Walmart votes no on the public option, Walmart votes no on the auto bailout. That’s what your ad really said.

2) Deem and pass is not only the right thing to do, it’s actually the most correct thing to do. Listen to the opponents use it as a crutch in their final days. If Republicans hadn’t worn this entire procedural complaint out ad nauseum via their disciplined but dysfunctional message on the inherent unfairness of reconciliation, but only when in the hands of Democrats, then maybe this week's white noise might have some traction instead of the ‘cry wolf’ falseness it seems to possess.

The House is so very correct to use deem and pass to solve the very issue holding it up: the distrust of the Senate to uphold it’s end of any promise to any thing. Deem and pass protects the House by forcing the Senate bill to bind with the reconciliation bound package of fixes. Call it the shotgun conference. We have listened to all the talk for way too long about superior leverage in the Senate, well guess what, today the House seems maneuverable, and the Senate seems stuck. And with those circumstances, who has the least amount of leverage possible? Mitch McConnell. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day.

3) Along with all the other drinking games borne of repetition by people who run out of ideas before the commercial break, enter Olympia Snowe. When Blanche Lincoln needed to show her faux bipartisan chops, she went there, and the eye rolls at the Morning Joe table were obvious. Why? Because for heavens sake, show a fresh idea or seem like you’re John Kerry on a hunting trip. No one believes that Olympia Snowe is the key to bipartisanship. Well besides Joe Scarborough, whose loyalties are currently under suspicion as a Democratic adviser, and the soon to be extinct doublespeak types trying to keep their real loyalties under wraps.

The reason this is a huge steaming sales job is that it’s like trying to coax the guy nearest the fence on the North Korean side of the border to defect. These people are crazy with the lockstep and they will only suddenly become bipartisan when options of obstruction, betrayal (Chuck Grassley, we will always remember), and re-ascension are exhausted. So that means if we are to progress, it’s step on their neck time and show that you are in power and all things go through you, not via the squeaky wheel.

Lets equate Olympia Snowe with a failed plan of 2009 once and for all, and when we hear it said, bottoms up, it’s time to primary another person not in sync with a need for progress.

That's all for today, see you tomorrow.

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