Sunday, March 28, 2010


I haven't finished watching the show today, but they've done some sleight of hand and it sucks.

They ran the same traffic shot with different light at 6 am as they did at 8 am. They ran the same tape, but they carefully inset a new top of the hour.

There was a mention in the 6am hour of an accident involving Willie Geist. There was a lot of shakiness in the early hour, and all of that was scrubbed.

Look, we don't care if you've got some issues, but scrubbing your show, then re rolling the re-edited 6 am hour as if it was the original thing, that is just dirty.

The amount of time spent on the Rolling Stone article was valiant, yet it still broke off and went around the horn. I am not sure the other side is getting it's vent in that article, but Rolling Stone is usually right about this stuff and thus we are best to know whatever can be delivered. I of course wonder if Joe Scarborough would've let an anti military story cruise through the middle hour unabated.

But in regards of the Minority Report version of Morning Joe. The best thing we can do is hope that Jon Stewart doesnt get ahold of this obvious 3 card monte. Cause if he does, you will be humiliated for a Fox like poker face re-doing yourself like William Hurt did.


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