Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Don't Let Us Steer You Wrong

The Morning Joe Rebuttal for June 8th, 2010


1) It’s not lost on Joe Scarborough that the Katrina vs. BP equation is a slippery slope to the deconstruction of the American psyche. That BP seems worse to Americans is either ‘out of sight, out of mind’ convenience or more questionable polling.

I’m sure it’s a case of both, but the only common denominator in this equation is that the same part of the US is affected. Other than that nothing good can come from the endless comparisons, endless opportunisms, and endless attempts to define two tragedies by any relation. But while Joe Scarborough is correct in his assessment of the poll having the facts backwards, he is also a primary causal factor for the backwards-ness.

A three hour echo chamber devoted to the “street-ness” of Obama’s anger, the lack of options, the moving forward with other drilling projects while the spill continues, and the number of times the President has visited is tantamount to a time release nausea pill that makes a person uncomfortable every 12 minutes for 3 straight hours. No one else has that kind of direct access to stewing America currently. Morning Joe is the center of the national nausea turnpike as of today.

2) The deficit is as big a boondoggle as health care and financial reform. Built into the budget is a suffocating quantity of entitlements, not to individuals as covered beyond any proportional sense, but to commerce. Ethanol, defense, prescription drug companies, oil companies, logging companies and really any industry with a lobbyist, are given unfettered access to the treasury on an annual basis.

Why the conversation rests on individual citizen entitlement when so much of the crushing deficit is non ROI based ‘investment’ in well represented private companies is a perfect example of disenfranchisement of the middle class through sleight of hand.

You could balance the budget in 10 minutes and grow the economy, and along with it jobs, just by making the budget for the people. But now that the laughing gas has worn away, any actuarial analysis of results would determine that there is little legislative will to de-corrupt our budget. While the Morning Joe show fiddled about deficits as a word not an amalgam, our leadership position in the world’s economy burned like a supernova.

Joe Scarborough’s defining mantra is small governments and a reduction of the budget. So let’s count the number of times he gets the budget out and redefines how government interacts with it’s citizens and compares it with how the government entitles the nations commercial sector. This is not a Republican or Democratic thing, this is everyone, and when a guy on the right is on a network from the left perpetuating the boondoggle, no one is safe.

Don’t let anyone tell you that these private sector investments are the answer to jobs problems. They are in fact part of the jobs problem, because as we have found out with TARP, none of our current investments to the private sector are jobs accountable. There is no enforcement of how many jobs a private sector investment creates. This is amply evidenced by the inability of the administration to count the jobs they created with the stimulus, and the inability of a translation of TARP to available credit.

3) The humility of the cast in regards to the Helen Thomas situation is a really hopeful element in a day of gray disdain.

That is all for today, see you tomorrow.

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