Monday, June 7, 2010

We’re Number 1

The Morning Joe Rebuttal for June 7th, 2010


1) Did Willie Geist get a new agent or something? Not only does he get 10 am to fly solo when America is actually out of bed, but on the Morning Joe show, apparently they let him ask questions and stuff. CAA, better known as the Goldman Sachs of the agency world, must somehow be involved.

Willie put his brand of “everyman wants to know” inquisition towards every single guest today, and while results were varied, I have to say Kurt Loder would’ve been proud. Geist may actually have a niche on the hard news side after all, asking the questions that the 18-30 demo needs to know, that get skipped over or sneered at by the main two chairs. I remember the old days with absolute remorse where Geist tried to drag Maxine Waters, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, and even Elizabeth Warren into his cesspool of features coverage, and am beyond thankful that those streams may never cross again.

2) Where is Red Adair? For those of you who don’t recall, we used to have a John Wayne-esque hero on oil disasters named Red Adair. Platform fires used to call this guy to come in like the cavalry and cap oil wells, even when they were generating 100 foot plumes of flame. It was this same conquering force that took to the fields of Kuwait subsequent to the first Iraq war.

Come to think of it, where are the Bush’s? George, W., and Jeb are all significant stakeholders and prizeholders from the Gulf and Texas oil riches.

Last week, Apple passed Microsoft for number 1, wait, that was for number 2. Who is number 1? Exxon Mobil is the largest company in the United States.

Ok, so BP is chairing our disaster and may be nationalized in the end. They are likely somewhere in the UK shredding documents and sending money to Switzerland and India as we speak. Their stock is plummeting, the truth about the scope of the disaster is now plain to see.

But there is something remarkably fishy about the lack of nationalization of the disaster. It appears to the viewer in an equally plain way that the Houston domestic oil technology mafia, the large domestic oil companies, and the well known oil barons of our time are letting this disaster stay contained with BP and Obama for each of their singular gains.

And yes, Obama is letting this happen. I mean its great to get to scapegoat a competitor for the disaster, great business move, only 11 men died and our entire eastern saltwater coast will be oil saturated. But hey, number 1 ain’t easy.

3) Senator Schumer came on the Morning Joe show today and willfully mislead a nation. Granted, this thought is not entirely my own, but the fact that we continue to get sold on “hopes and dreams” level legislation like derivatives reform, while we know the whisper plan is to declaw the financial reform package in conference is an apocalyptic omen for America.

All this doublespeak while appearing to speak lucidly is further to the process of ultimate disenfranchisement.

Joe Scarborough, who appears to be drifting microscopically left in time lapse, is generally credited for teaching the world the method where a Senator just wants to appear to have tried hard, but will make his ultimate transaction at the end, letting special interest prevail, for money. But Chuck Schumer takes this to a whole new level. He is a hit at parties, a wink and nod to be the next majority leader, got a 1600 on his SAT and is two pom-pom’s and a skirt short of making America believe their team is about to win.

Mika couldn’t get a question out, but I think her question was how is financial reform relevant if it doesn’t break up too big to fail, so it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. A journalist, a guy who knows he is watching a sleight of hand, an ad exec, and a rising star in the day talk field all conspired to let Chuck chuck the truth a safe distance down the road.

That’s all for today, see you tomorrow. No, really.

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