Friday, December 4, 2009

Maybe These National Issues Will Just Solve Themselves While We Gab Around The Cooler

The Morning Joe Rebuttal For December 4th, 2009

Look you're right, there is a four day weekend in this part of the year, but it was last week. Like a gender neutral sprinter asked suddenly to stretch out to a mile, the show has completely run out of gas and has cascaded into a four day weekend. Guests can’t save you, and you might as well move Willie Geist one seat to the viewer’s left.

There is a scientific reason to this trend. You have nothing to say in a constructive manner about jobs. You pontificated endlessly on minor league talking points for 2 hours and 31 minutes, and then were blind sided by the actual jobs number. It has been pointed out numerous times in this forum that your ability to prognosticate in the absolute wrong direction is an unheralded success.

Good guests are being wasted. You are dragging your tabloid agenda into conversations with people who are charged with putting jobs into the economy. Why is this conversational vacuum occurring? A lack of a serious philosophy on your part.

What can I do about it? Nothing but continue to list practical solutions to the jobs crisis.

Here’s what’s been said already:

1) Use the armed services to retrain and re-qualify our young people for the jobs market on a grand scale.

2) Look at city transit as a public works project that would show return on investment on multiple fronts including at minimum a lot of jobs, greater revenue from tourism, ecological growth of smog filled urban centers, and dignity and quality of life increase amongst people trying to get out of their cars and traffic.

3) Create a smart investment tax that penalizes paper trading and rewards investment in the domestic economy.

4) Make health care a public good once and for all, making a stimulus for job growth by the permanent reduction of the largest existing payroll tax

5) Remove the use of paid advertisements in the 2010 political season and transfer those funds into non governmental earmarks for education and public infrastructure in the countryside of those candidates seeking office.

And I’m going to test myself, yes, I have provided those five hard scenarios on various days past, but now in a drill you should have done to try and provide your subscribers real content today, here is a brainstorm of five more solutions that ought to be in the framework:

1) Go to every closed factory that used to build cars and commission a suffering US automaker or tractor maker to build natural gas or electric cars, tractors, trucks or buses.

2) Make 100 new nuclear energy plants and create a plan to send the generated nuclear waste into space. Remember it’s in our national and ecological interest to have a back up plan to our power grid, and look at Brazil for what not doing it would look like.

3) Create a national mandate to count the number to trees that were present in the United States in 1835 and reforest the entire country including urban centers to that level with a 20 year completion goal.

4) Make T Boone Picken’s wind farm.

5) Make a national infrastructural initiative out of desalinization, possibly in orchestration with the nuclear idea above with a goal of creating a second water source to provide a fail-safe to the global warming reduction in snow packs. Re-irrigate the existing water shorted fields of the San Joaquin and Imperial Valleys and wherever else in the United States similar situations exist.

I’m not a particularly smart person or a scientist but I wrote this in 37 minutes. You took 3 hours, got your main serious point on jobs completely wrong, and spent 60 percent of the time your advertisers paid for doing work normally reserved for Jillian Barberie. Congratulations.

Have a great weekend, see you Monday.

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