Monday, December 14, 2009

The Real Morning Joe Torpedo Is Lieberman

The Morning Joe Rebuttal For December 14th, 2009


1) The news that Joe Lieberman has found a 9th life as a torpedo to health care reform is as unprecedented as it is predictable. The fact that Morning Joe has apparently lost it’s access to the Senator despite Mika’s Connecticut roots and Mike Barnicle’s relationship speaks volumes to the value of isolation. Mr. Lieberman has found the most personally profitable vacuum in political history and appears bulletproof to affect from either political party. With all the centrist, populist talk around this show it is particularly confounding that when you credit the middle for getting things done, it’s actually the pinnacle of obstructionism, and now you have your poster child.

Joe Scarborough’s thinly disguised glee at the torpedo is troubling by virtue of the inactivity endorsed as a governing strategy. Maybe if we got out 20 dry pinto beans we would have a better chance of figuring out government than listening to hallow sloganing like Mr. Scarborough is constant with. You’re right, the money has to come from somewhere, and the country can’t afford to reform health care. But the problem is that you also can’t afford not to reform health care. The bankruptcy you trumpeted concerning Medicare will actually come quicker by paying the health care costs of the uninsured in the current system, which is exploding at a faster rate. The pinto beans would prove that, but your slogans seem to conveniently forget.

2) The financial rhetoric on bank reform from Congress, the Morning Joe show, the President and the financial industry is the apex of uninspiring. It appears the citizens of the United States have no friends. What is talked about is the raise of the debt ceiling, but not how we got there. The show could’ve used a pie chart to effective success in communicating the elements of the debt. But as I always love to point out, nary a connection was made between the debt ceiling, banking reform in congress and the President’s meeting with financial CEOs. These three items were talked about on Morning Joe today as if the issues had Blackwater controlling their perimeters to avoid interconnection. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

The integration of the three issues and four stakeholders is this: we narrowly averted disaster less than a year ago, and all the will of the nation to reform and restructure, to de-leverage our countries future from private industry indiscretion, has already dissipated, yet we are closer than ever to a second coming that we cannot structurally afford to avert a second time. Will the Chinese give us another 30 trillion dollars to fix the same issue a second time? Is the government actually reforming or now that the cards are on the table, is this going to be the fall of the Roman empire? The rest of the world has gotten the message and we are in last place on all three key issues: bank reform, debt management, and governability.

I heard 2 guys talking in a Target store in Phoenix three weeks ago about an apparently open plot to try and persuade remaining liquidity in the US financial system back into the equities market via false positive market tactics, and then create a final solution selloff. There really aren’t a lot of Goldman Sachs guys in Phoenix, and this was in the toy aisle while their wives shopped. Apparently it’s an open secret that market manipulation is unbridled and our future looks a lot like bubble wrap, one bubble after the next to infinity.

3) Now that it’s out don’t you wish you had been more on top of the issue of the Taliban’s Afghanistan command center being in Pakistan? As a matter of service to the show, I provided you with the key components of the Afghanistan debate back before you had any detail at all in your portfolio. One of those facts was that Quetta, Pakistan was their CENTCOM. Today when the LA Times is reporting that the drone program is expanding to Quetta, your show was unprepared and unqualified to cover that story. In fact, you couldn’t even say the name of the city or why the drone program was expanding there.

We need you. In my open letter to Chris Licht on Friday, my attempt was to reduce the immaterial from your program so that you have an even wider canvas to bring in the best and the brightest and converge on the most intelligent consensus available. It was evident today that you are in a “back to work” mode, but missing elements like the Quetta story and the connectivity of the 3 financial stories should be a call to arms for you guys. It’s a damn serious time and no one is going to solve it in an hour in the afternoon on your network, or once a week on CNN or Meet The Press. The hallmark of Joe Scarborough is accountability, it’s why Joe Lieberman is avoiding you, it’s why Howard Dean comes on your show anytime.

All I know is I want more. Can you evolve?

That’s all for today, see you tomorrow.

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