Monday, December 28, 2009

Morning Off

The Morning Joe Rebuttal for December 28th, 2009


1) When Erin Burnett speaks, and no one interrupts, so much happens that it is a great discovery of the vacation. A long delay caused a lack of back and forth and suddenly news and reporting happened. It should be a New Years resolution that the air is cleared and Erin gets the floor. She generally outclasses much of the other CNBC representation anyway, and you have her built into your program. Incidentally, added to that New Years resolution should be a ‘we want you back’ olive branch to Mark Haynes.

The grumpy men should talk more.

2) The pressure caused by the overexposed media reaction to the Detroit bombing is going to skew the reaction of our government in a way that’s not useful. Already with the new restrictions, the horrible reaction of the Homeland department, and the Lieberman nonsense, we are on the wrong path.

There was a very good take on the show by Chris Hayes that we lose 50,000 annually to hospital borne infections and compared to that the war on terror is a bit over dramatized.

If we keep this drum beat up we will enter our next airplane ride with our head shaved, all because of our own disproportionate hysteria.

3) Speaking of olive branches, the great irony of the December 24th greatest hits episode is that it got interrupted for the live news and coverage of the passing of health care, and the guest that got bumped was Chris Matthews, the deposed.

All these guys did all they could to get Morning Joe started. This is like a family feud that doesn’t make sense to anyone on the outside. Get over it, play up the differences, don’t be the next guy to challenge them to a duel.

That’s all for today, see you tomorrow.

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