Thursday, December 3, 2009

Morning Phoner

The Morning Joe Rebuttal for December 3, 2009

Anyone would have to phone one in after the powerhouse of a show held on December 2nd. It’s forgivable. The balance of the day was devoted to TMZ material and it makes you wonder:

When is Willie Geist going to phoenix up on us and become the next Keith Olbermann? You know there’s thoughts and stuff going on in there, but obedient to his less is more mantra, he is set to stay muzzled so that he doesn’t wake up one day and feel like an extraneous third opinion. We have had two shows in a week that he could’ve anchored. That is a rare occurrence and if it happened more, it would highlight the understated part of his game. Keep playing under kid, else you’ll seem like Dylan Ratigan who is lost in a self manufactured perpetual catch up.


1) Your jobs segments are weak. You recently demonstrated an understandable position on Afghanistan after spending months drifting with the tide. As a learning moment, shore up what you think and get it out there. Days like today where it should be front and center are when you’re exposed on this as the features on your show outweigh this serious issue.

2) Any day you gloss over Elizabeth Warren is a loss for America.

3) Comcast is your new boss. It’s disheartening to think that the money that strengthened Comcast to this point came from a $1000 entertainment charge per household per year dating back to 1982. Prior to that television was free. But don’t get comfortable, consumers are on a mission to take control of their entertainment choices, wresting them away from monopolistic cable systems, and taking their dollars with them. Go ask a record company if it has any advice for cable service providers in regards to the Internet diluting their price support, and you will see your future.

That’s all for today, tomorrow is Friday, one more time, with feeling?

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