Wednesday, December 16, 2009

There Are No Good Answers But No

The Morning Joe Rebuttal for December 16th, 2009


1) If Zbigniew Brzezinski can’t figure out Iran, we are all in real trouble. The trouble stems from the fact that we have heard his line of thinking, and it is largely unchanged, for some time now. Joe Scarborough has caught up with this particular doctrine and pointed out that over time he has grown “less superficial” on the matter.

The reason JS has caught up is that this strategy is unchanged, and it can best be described as solution free loggerheads. There is no progress versus the previous regime. Sabre rattling and personal notes from various American leaders have produced the same result. Now that a laundry list of sanctions have started to get laid out, all the while a quiet resignation has set in to all parties on either side of the aisle. We are going to stand aside on this one and allow Israel to be our mercenary. We will probably make it an open secret that while we won’t allow airspace infiltration, we won’t enforce it actionably. We are heading to a proxy war there in 90 days.

Don’t forget that Israeli military success stories have suffered to a recent parity in opposing sides in the region of late, so this is no 90 seconds over Syria situation. And who was the military might opposing Israel in the fields of Lebanon last time…. Iran by proxy of Hamas.

2) There is a real lack of outrage about the progress of financial reform. I can’t really figure out any agenda anywhere unless it’s the agenda of invisibility. My best guess is that the financial industry has launched an effective campaign to stop regulation efforts and debunk regulation publicity without buying an ad or putting spokesmen out on the circuit but instead to buy silence and pay people not to go public on the matter. It’s a real glass wall, and completely an opposite strategy of the health care debate.

Ask yourself, have you seen the ad “1 million tea party members want your hands off of our bank?” or seen Ron Christie go on a talk show and talk about a government takeover of the American financial industry?

Silence is a sellout too. I have consistently held the platform that if you have not voted for no other reason than personal attrition in every recent election, you should not be allowed to attend a political protest of any kind. I would extend that to say if you muzzle your rage about the sellout of the American government in its attempt to reform the financial industry and prevent a second financial failure, then Mr. Scarborough’s commonplace fiscal outrage is too selective to be genuine.

You had three guests on today all on the subject and reduced yourself to a narrator of the eventual financial failure. You coronated the Fed Chairman with no acknowledgment of the lack of preventative technology, just for treating the symptoms, placated Ron Paul until a convenient “hard break” prevented any resolution, and flat out argued with Steven Pearlstien the wrong way that banks are our best way forward. I could’ve found a better debate at Margaritaville.

3) And yea, there was health care. It is ultimately confounding that Howard Dean and Joe Scarborough have become the latest odd couple bedfellows. Joe Scarborough and his various guests flat out predicted the future: that a dishonest bill inclusive of real reform would be paraded around Washington for 5 months. A bill that had a public option. And in the 11th hour the ruling party’s elite would come to the camera and “while they really fought for it” they had to move forward with the second coming of a corporate giveaway bearing the Orwellian doublespeak title of “Health Care Reform”.

Howard Dean was duped, and I was too. His credibility was allowed to seep into the conversation all along just to make the case that the pre bait and switch version of the bill was a bill with “real teeth”. That is tantamount to a Tiger Woods billboard for Accenture’s professional consulting services at this point.

Further to this is the downright malicious distancing occurring by the administration from Dr. Dean. The fact that it was at a Christmas party that lines like “irrelevant” and “he’s more the problem than Lieberman” surfaced is a ‘show us what your made of’ moment for this administration. And I will accept nothing less than the head of Rahm Emmanuel for the transgression.

This is reform off of the rails by lack of leadership. The deafening vacuum coming from the White House will rank amongst the largest discredits and lack of forthrightedness ever in US Presidential history.

Three guys you would’ve never guessed now are on final approach to a NO vote on health care as it is defined by the industry itself through bought and paid for representatives calling themselves Senators: Joe Scarborough, Howard Dean, and yours truly. I’ll write Ms. Boxer and Feinstein next.

That’s all for today, see you tomorrow.

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